the soul of isan in the heart of bangkok


The Kitchen promotes traditional home-cooked Isan food, and authentic Thai cuisine
with ingredients  from our own farm in Buachet, Isan and our City Farm in Bangkok.
Isan Thai food restaurant Terrace
The Kitchen at Yenakat

A comfortable, well-spaced restaurant, serving home-cooked food - from Thai classics to "hard-core" Isan Food, authentic Thai cuisine,including vegan bakery and desserts.

Authentic traditional Thai food with co-working space
Co-Work Space at The Kitchen

Work at The Kitchen and enjoy a great lunch, free meeting space, barista coffee and cocktails after a hard days work.

Exterior of Samorn Villa Hotel
Samorn Villa in Buachet, Isarn

A comfortable Stay in rural Isan, the North-East of Thailand, near the border with Cambodia in Buached.

authentic isan thai food with farms
City Farm by The Kitchen

Fresh  organic vegetables, grown in the middle of Bangkok. Most of The Kitchens herbs come from this farm. Freshness guaranteed!

great food , relaxed atmosphere

Good old-fashioned home-cook food, served with love.

Our Story

The Kitchen at Yenakat was founded by Apiwat (Todd) Curtin with support of his family team. Originally from Surin, Isan, the team has an extensive knowledge of Isan food – and particularly traditional, home-cooked farmers food. The goal is to bring original Isan food to the city – to local and foreign customers alike. Apart from Isan Food, we serve authentic Thai Cuisine as well.

The restaurant started with 16 seats in a tiny shop on Yenakat. The shop expanded with a big outside terrace – later moving to Soi Yenakat, Soi 1. Recently the business expanded further and now includes a bakery, co-work area, and area for group dinners and an art gallery - but still focussing on Isan Food. The outside terrace is a great place to hang out during the cooler Bangkok evenings.

Traditional ingredients for the menu are grown in a City Farm close by the restaurant. Many traditional ingredients come from Buachet, Isan – which include many preserved, dried or fermented vegetables or fish. 

The Kitchen is developing a line of products that can be bought at the restaurant – supporting local producers in Isan. More info to follow! 

Entrance to The Kitchen at Yenakat restaurant
The Outside Terrace Isan Thai Food Restaurant
Authentic traditional Isan Thai food restaurant comfort
Authentic Isan Sushi Food
Mojito Cocktails
Apiwat Curtin and team
Thai Food Grilled Chicken
Traditional Isan Thai Grilled Sticky Rice

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